QuickMotion Product Data Sheets

QuickMotion Motor Data Sheets are a single PDF file that details dimensions, winding characteristics, connector & mating connector information. A single file contains both brake and non-brake motors in that frame size and voltage.

QuickMotion Motor Feedback Data Sheet is a single PDF file that details the various feedback options the motor can be configured with, detailing the connector & mating connector, color code and pin-out for those options. These feedback options are not shown in the Motor Data Sheets.

QuickMotion Feedback & Power Extension Cable Data Sheet is a single PDF file that details the mating Power Cable, QSPC-xx-xM, Power\Brake Cable QSPC-xxB-xM and the mating Feedback Cable QSFC-xxx-xM, it includes color codes and connector Pin-outs.


            – Motor Feedback & Power & Feedback Extension Cable Data Sheet (PDF)    
40mm Motors48 Volt160 Volt320 Volt
30 WattQS40-DA3QS40-AA3QS40-BA3
50 WattQS40-DA5QS40-AA5QS40-BA5
80 WattQS40-DA8QS40-AA8QS40-BA8
100 WattQS40-D01QS40-A01QS40-B01
60mm Motors48 Volt160 Volt320 Volt
100 WattQS60-D01QS60-A01QS60-B01
200 WattQS60-D02QS60-A02QS60-B02
400 WattQS60-D04QS60-A04QS60-B04
80mm Motors160 Volt320 Volt
200 WattQS80-A02QS80-B02
400 WattQS80-A04QS80-B04
600 WattQS80-A06QS80-B06
750 WattQS80-A08QS80-B08
950 WattQS80-A10QS80-B10
100, 120, 130mm Motors320 Volt Winding
1500 WattQS100-B15
2000 WattQS100-B20
2500 WattQS100-B25
3000 WattQS120-B30
3500 WattQS120-B35
4000 WattQS130-B40
4500 WattQS130-B45
5000 WattQS130-B50