Welcome to QuickMotion.

QuickMotion brings you innovative, cost-effective, performance minded motor solutions for your motion
control needs. We value your time as much as you do and strive to have our motor products get
your application up and running quickly. We have done all of the work to ensure "Trouble-Free"
installation and operation. Now you can spend more time on your process and less time with motor
cables, wiring schematics, driver manuals and listening to that on-hold music for tech support.
QuickMotion...... We are 'Performance in Motion'
  • Rugged Performance for the Industrial Marketplace

    QuickServo comes standard with a rugged housed encoder and IP65 rating. A shaft seal can be added to meet the IP67 specification. Learn more about IP Ratings.

    Rugged Performance for the Industrial Marketplace
  • Precision Performance

    Improving your machines performance can mean different things to different people. QuickMotion provides solutions to increase speed, reduce maintenance and improve efficiency. Contact us today; Improve your machine’s performance tomorrow!

    Precision Performance
  • Economic Performance

    QuickMotion offers more performance for your dollar! Our products are built in automated, lean, production facilities.  QuickMotion provides you the best value in the market!

    Economic Performance

QuickMotion is quality – First… Second and Third.

Every QuickMotion product is tested and/or burned in before final inspection and packaging. The quality system is based on ISO 9001 standards and many products include agency approvals.

QuickMotion Sells Motors – which one is right for you?

QuickServo products can address 98% of the applications you you are challenged with. QuickServo comes in 6 standard metric frame sizes from 40mm to 130mm. We can also produce special motor configurations for approved OEM applications. Let’s get started…

QuickMotion is Performance, in Motion. Let us prove it to you.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Providing high performance products at a fair price is how we accomplish that goal. If you are not satisfied with your QuickMotion purchase, you may return it for a refund. Contact your local distributor to start testing today!*