Here at QuickMotion we realize that vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are not for everyone.  Sometimes a good Coffee with Brownie Bites is in order.  Please contact us with your requirements and we will let you know quickly whether it is in our wheel house or not.

In order to minimize the vast number of files and models, we have streamlined the models to accommodate “ALL” feedback types for a given motor frame, length and brake option.  If you need something more specific for your model, please contact us with your request.

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QuickServo is manufactured by our contract partner in South Korea.  Our goal is to provide you with a world class quality motor that is available from stock in the US.  We stock at our main warehouse in California as well as at our local QuickMotion Partners

The standard warranty period is 18 months from ship date for all QuickMotion products.

Yes – Absolutely any servo drive where the connectors and wiring diagram can be readily obtained. Here is a list of drives for which the QuickStart cable option is already configured.

Advanced Motion Controls 
B Series       BD Series
BE series    BX Series
DigiFlex – DPC, DPE & DPR
Copley Controls
Xenus Family – XSJ, XTL, XEL & XE2
Accelnet Family – ACJ, ADP, B*L & B*2
Accelus Panel – ASP

Elmo – Coming Soon

Emerson – Coming Soon

Galil – Coming Soon

Kollmorgen – Coming Soon

Parker – Coming Soon

The QuickStart cable option provides a cable set with feedback and power connectors (if applicable) installed for your specific model of servo drive. This provides a true plug-n-play solution to get you up and running quickly.  We also provide the correct motor file so that you are up and running Quickly.

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In short, ANY drive will work with QuickServo. If your servo drive can take one of our feedback devices, it will work with QuickServo.

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